What is WHOLEistic-SELF Defense?

Understanding that self-defense is so much more than punching and kicking is the inspiration of our WHOLEistic Self – Defense Lifestyle Program. We must maintain awareness in all aspects of our lives as we face the real world  foes of processed food, sitting, harsh lighting, our phones and the ever present possibility of a bad person with bad intentions. Our mindset must be honed and our awareness sharp, to keep these foes at a distance. Within our curriculum, our students are introduced and coached through various movement systems and concepts. We stress the importance of restorative exercise, the role strength plays in our journey and ultimately, to learn how to protect ourselves and our loved ones.

RESTORE – STRENGTHEN – PROTECT are three words heard often at The WHOLEistic Self – Defense Academy. They are the driving force of our system and help us to better understand the framework that we build from and to. We strive to cultivate patience in our practice, as deep, positive and lasting change simply takes time. WHOLEistic Self – Defense is a way of life…Investing in Yourself is a priority…Stay Safe Everyone!!

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Developing foundational movement patterns and understanding baseline nutritional guidelines offers our students an opportunity to RESTORE physical limitations. Today’s modern world is consistently placing us in less than desirable positions and places.

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We believe that in order to be able to live our lives with vitality, it is incredibly important to have a strength savings account. Add a little year to year and it’s availability will be invaluable in the years ahead.

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One that, in today’s world, must include understanding that dangers lurk around every corner. We must take action and place deeper importance of defending ourselves against less than desirable food choices, extended periods of sitting, ever present harsh lighting and of course, the addictive lure of our mobile devices.

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