WHOLEistic SELF-defense – A Shifting Paradigm

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Understanding that SELF-defense is so much more than punching and kicking is the inspiration of the WHOLEistic SELF– defense Lifestyle Program. We must maintain awareness in all aspects of our lives as we face the real world  foes of processed food, sitting, harsh lighting, our phones and the ever present possibility of a bad person with bad intentions. Our mindset must be honed and our awareness sharp, to keep these foes at a distance.

This blog is devoted to helping others open their minds to this new way of thinking. Follow along and be introduced and coached through various movement systems and concepts. We will stress the importance of restorative exercise, the role strength plays in a SELF-defense journey and ultimately, to learn how to protect ourselves and our loved ones. 

RESTORE – STRENGTHEN – PROTECT are three words heard often at The WHOLEistic SELF – defense Academy. They are the driving force of our system and help us to better understand the framework that we build upon. We strive to cultivate patience in our practice, as deep, positive and lasting change simply takes time. WHOLEistic SELF-defense is a way of life…Invest in yourSELF!!


Developing foundational movement patterns and understanding baseline nutritional guidelines offers an opportunity to RESTORE physical limitations. Today’s modern world is consistently placing us in less than desirable positions and places. Our human systems are bombarded with harsh lighting, to much sitting and lack of simple daily movements. Technology has us more sedentary than ever before and we are constantly surrounded by poor nutritional options. It is this combination of exponentially less physical activity and the advent of frankenfoods that have us spiraling downward quickly — we are stiffer, heavier and more stressed than ever!!

This is exactly where a WHOLEistic SELF-defense Lifestyle Practice comes in. We offer an opportunity to RESTORE the SELF through movement and nutrition, all the while evolving into a more expansive view of SELF-defense. The WHOLEistic SELF-Defense Lifestyle is simple yet incredibly expansive with many intricate layers available when practiced consistently over time. Explore the WSD Lifestyle…Invest in yourSELF.


Life can be much more enjoyable when we are strong. At the heart of WSD lies STRENGTH – this is definitely our mindset. We believe that in order to be able to live our lives with vitality, it is incredibly important to have a strength savings account. Add a little year to year and it’s availability will be invaluable in the years ahead. Having the strength to get up from the ground, take a hike in nature, lift up our kids or swing a kettlebell…all are examples of strength.

We are all different and move through life with many varying goals and ideals, but we can all benefit from being strong. Our approach to this is simple – strength comes in many forms and it is up to us as individuals to mindfully cultivate what lies within us…to coax our strength to the surface, let it breathe and then to grow. At WSD, we aspire to guide or students along their individual strength journeys, helping them to understand that strength is indeed a skill that takes patience, time and focused practice to cultivate.


The definition of PROTECT is to keep safe from harm or injury. This is definitely our view within the WHOLEistic SELF-defense System. However, we believe it has a much more expanded definition. One that, in today’s world, must include understanding that dangers lurk around every corner. With that said, we must take action and place deeper importance of defending ourselves against less than desirable food choices, extended periods of sitting, ever present harsh lighting and of course, the addictive lure of our mobile devices. Our bodies are constantly under attack by a multitude of attackers. Some subtle and others are much more direct. We often brush things off to simply getting older – Father Time is catching up to us. Weight gain, stiffness, nagging colds or constant fatigue become the norm as our defenses weaken. We must learn to PROTECT the WHOLE SELF – RESTORING and STRENGTHENING our systems, ultimately taking ownership of our personal safety and vitality. The more we expand our PROTECT vision, the better off we can be. At WSD, it is our goal to challenge our students to become more aware of the world around them and ultimately, define what PROTECT means to them.


If you have read through to this point , thank you and let me say hello and explain a bit of where all this WHOLEistic SELF-defense stuff originated. My name is Aaron Baulch, I have been a student of the fitness industry for more than 3 decades. As a side note, I turned 50 in January of 2020. I am the owner / founder of the WHOLEistic SELF – Defense Academy and along with my team, teach a WHOLEistic approach to SELF-defense. Deeply inspired by The Academy of Combative Warrior Arts founder Justin Everman, Nutritious Movements Katy Bowman, both the StrongFirst and MovNat Systems, the RESTORE – STRENGTHEN – PROTECT WHOLEistic SELF-defense Lifestyle Model began taking shape. Through many years of study and deep practice, combined with some very serious life obstacles showing the way, WSD patiently began to come into focus. A little here and some from there connected the dots into a alternative way of thinking. The dots formed a picture…a clear one…we are continually faced with multiple opponents in today’s modern world. So, it has now become incredibly important that our approach to SELF-defense broaden and expand. Through this blog, I hope to guide others, helping them gain a WHOLEistic awareness of themselves, others and of the environment. Ultimately, striving to Live With Vitality and to Stay Safe in today’s modern world.


This is simple. Follow along here, as we will explore what we like to call WHOLEistic SELF-defense Lifestyle Prompts and begin to gain a better understanding of how to move / live with awareness, purpose and vitality in today’s modern world. Also, follow us on Facebook @wholeisticselfdefense, Instagram @wsdacademy and WHOLEisticSELfdefense.com. Learn to implement our RESTORE – STRENGTHEN – PROTECT framework and solidify your foundation WHOLEisticly.

SELF-defense is a way of life.

Invest in yourSELF!!