About us

Aaron Baulch has been a student of the fitness industry for 3 decades. Currently, as the owner / founder of the WHOLEistic SELF – Defense Academy, he and his team teach a WHOLEistic approach to Self-Defense. Deeply inspired by The Academy of Combative Warrior Arts founder Justin Everman, Nutritious Movements Katy Bowman and The MovNat System, the RESTORE – STRENGTHEN – PROTECT WHOLEistic SELF-Defense Lifestyle Model has begun taking shape. Understanding that we are continually faced with multiple opponents in today’s modern world, it is incredibly important that our approach to self-defense broaden and expand. Helping our students gain a WHOLEistic awareness of themselves, others and of the environment is what we do. Ultimately, striving to Live With Vitality and to Stay Safe in today’s modern world.

Simply put, MOVEMENT is our first line of defense against many of today’s modern day foes. What or Who are our opponents? There are many, from the crushing affects of sitting and screens to the mugger that simply wants your belongings, we must learn to be mindful and aware as we navigate through our lives. Paying attention to the world around us, consistently checking in, doing our best to thwart our opponents early before their grasp is locked in. Experience one of our small group movement classes and begin to gain a better understanding of how to move with purpose and vitality in today’s modern world. Follow our RESTORE – STRENGTHEN – PROTECT framework and solidify your foundation WHOLEisticly.