The definition of PROTECT is to keep safe from harm or injury. This is definitely our view at the WHOLEistic SELF-Defense Academy. However, we believe it has a much more expanded definition. One that, in today’s world, must include understanding that dangers lurk around every corner. With that said, we must take action and place deeper importance of defending ourselves against less than desirable food choices, extended periods of sitting, ever present harsh lighting and of course, the addictive lure of our mobile devices. Our bodies are constantly under attack by a multitude of attackers. Some subtle and others are much more direct. We often brush things off to simply getting older – Father Time is catching up to us. Weight gain, stiffness, nagging colds or constant fatigue becomes the norm as our defenses weaken. We must learn to PROTECT the WHOLE SELF – RESTORING and STRENGTHENING our systems, ultimately taking ownership of our personal safety and vitality. The more we expand our PROTECT vision, the better off we can be. At WSD, it is our goal to challenge our students to become more aware of the world around them and ultimately, define what PROTECT means to them.