Developing foundational movement patterns and understanding baseline nutritional guidelines offers our students an opportunity to RESTORE physical limitations. Today’s modern world is consistently placing us in less than desirable positions and places. Our human systems are bombarded with harsh lighting, to much sitting and lack of simple daily movements. Technology has us more sedentary than ever before and we are constantly surrounded by poor nutritional options. It is this combination of exponentially less physical activity and the advent of frankenfoods that have us spiraling downward quickly — we are stiffer, heavier and more stressed than ever!! This is exactly where a WHOLEistic SELF-Defense Lifestyle Practice comes in. We offer our students an opportunity to RESTORE themselves through movement and nutrition, all the while evolving into a more expansive view of self-defense. The WHOLEistic SELF-Defense Lifestyle is simple yet incredibly expansive with many intricate layers available when practiced consistently over time. Explore the WSD Lifestyle…Invest in Yourself.