Wholeistic Self Defense

Life can be much more enjoyable when we are strong. At WSD Academy, this is definitely our mindset. We believe that in order to be able to live our lives with vitality, it is incredibly important to have a strength savings account. Add a little year to year and it’s availability will be invaluable in the years ahead. Having the strength to get up from the ground, take a hike in nature, lift up our kids or swing a kettlebell…all are examples of strength. We are all different and move through life with many varying goals and ideals, but we can all benefit from being strong. Our approach to this is simple – strength comes in many forms and it is up to us as individuals to mindfully cultivate what lies within us…to coax our strength to the surface, let it breathe and then to grow. At WSD, we aspire to guide or students along their individual strength journeys, helping them to understand that strength is indeed a skill that takes patience, time and focused practice to cultivate.