Life Changing

I began the CAH 6 Week Challenge under the scrutiny of my medical team. You see, I am under the medical care of a team of specialists for a diagnosis of a rare neurologic disorder. This disorder caused weakness and paralysis in the right side of my body as well as mixed up neuro pathways. I was attending 3 different therapies twice a week with limited results. I was learning how to speak, walk and write again.
I started this crazy cane spinning journey with the hope that I would learn some self defense and gain more mobility. What I have accomplished with this training has been life changing for me. I no longer have to attend therapy as this course has surpassed anything that I accomplished in 6 months of therapy. My medical team has been so amazed with my “sudden” progress that I had to explain in great detail this new therapy I’m doing with my cane.

With the physical gains made, there have also been profound psychologic gains. I feel better about myself than I have for the past year and I have a new hope for my future as a caner. I feel renewed anticipation of what tomorrow will bring. Cane training truly is brain training!
Thank you Coach Aaron for your awesome training and fun teaching techniques. You not only are a true specimen of a man physically, you are also a man with great compassion.

Grand Master Joe, thank you for your lifelong dedication to making ACSD an obtainable form of self defense for a once broken man such as myself. Your countless hours of instruction and focus on detail has helped many. You are a true leader and teacher in every sense of the word.

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