Very practical and important for life

A couple of months ago I was considering training Kali.  By chance, I saw the cane at home program ad.  I joined.

I am 75 years old.  Having practiced martial arts for more than 40 years (Kras Maga, Aikido, Tai Kuan Do, and Wing Chun), I had high expectations.  Much to my pleasure, the 6 week program exceeded all my expectations.  It is an amazing program.  The curriculum is fantastic.  It is professionally run by the great coach, Aaron.  It is fun and yes, very practical and important for life and self defence.

I very strongly recommend this program to all.

Though it is hard to attend at 1 – 2 am, I will and am definitely committed to apply for the Advanced Program.  Thank you Coach Aaron for being so methodical, professional and attentive to all our questions and needs and thank you ACSD.

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