What Wholeistic-SELF Defense clients have to say…

Great Teacher, Mentor and Coach

Aaron Baulch is a great teacher, mentor, and coach.  A college athlete and champion bodybuilder,  Aaron is unpretentious and yet a master at motivating anyone of any age -and also unusually adept at coaching those who believe they have physical limitations, where they quickly realize they can do more than they’d ever dreamed.

Aaron’s extensive knowledge in exercise physiology, anatomy, biomechanics, and movement analysis makes him the ideal coach/mentor/training for beginning students and those who need guidance as to the next step in refining their skills.

Aaron’s “take them where they are and make them better” attitude makes everyone welcome and inspired, too.  I have personally witnessed countless students under Aaron’s tutelage come into the advanced program with remarkable skills. And even more importantly, Aaron fosters in them a genuine appreciation and willingness to support and help others as well.

Aaron’s presence and patient guidance are a huge part of why American Cane Self Defense has genuinely blossomed this year.
Aaron is a master teacher and coach who is always inspiring, patient, and supportive to anyone coming into the ACSD program.  We are all fortunate to have Aaron in our program and look forward to having him there for a long time.

Doc S.

Life Changing

I began the CAH 6 Week Challenge under the scrutiny of my medical team. You see, I am under the medical care of a team of specialists for a diagnosis of a rare neurologic disorder. This disorder caused weakness and paralysis in the right side of my body as well as mixed up neuro pathways. I was attending 3 different therapies twice a week with limited results. I was learning how to speak, walk and write again.
I started this crazy cane spinning journey with the hope that I would learn some self defense and gain more mobility. What I have accomplished with this training has been life changing for me. I no longer have to attend therapy as this course has surpassed anything that I accomplished in 6 months of therapy. My medical team has been so amazed with my “sudden” progress that I had to explain in great detail this new therapy I’m doing with my cane.

With the physical gains made, there have also been profound psychologic gains. I feel better about myself than I have for the past year and I have a new hope for my future as a caner. I feel renewed anticipation of what tomorrow will bring. Cane training truly is brain training!
Thank you Coach Aaron for your awesome training and fun teaching techniques. You not only are a true specimen of a man physically, you are also a man with great compassion.

Grand Master Joe, thank you for your lifelong dedication to making ACSD an obtainable form of self defense for a once broken man such as myself. Your countless hours of instruction and focus on detail has helped many. You are a true leader and teacher in every sense of the word.

Alex S.

Increased Confidence

My name is Hugh and I am 80+ years old.  The Cane at Home 6 Week Challenge has been a real adventure for me.  Coach Aaron has led our class and me through some very demanding moves the Power Shots and Spins.  With his patience and will to teach, I have been able to put the training together. I will say these concepts were all foreign to me five weeks ago. Not only have I gained confidence to use my cane, but also I’ve improved in my exercising.

Thank you Coach Aaron!

Hugh H.

Well worth the journey!

From minimal shoulder movement impeding normal life activities to full restoration! Took a lot of patience but well worth the journey!

JoAnn G.

Love being a part of the WSD family

I have been going to WSD for just about a year now and I can’t tell you how impressed I am with the knowledge and training skills of both Melinda and Aaron. Not only do I get a great workout training with kettlebells but I’m also learning to move through the world being grounded and protecting my body through nutritious movement. Love being a part of the WSD family and would HIGHLY recommend the personal training that is offered as well as the small group training.

Brandy L.

Highly recommend for all skill levels

I have been going here for years. I really enjoy the combative training along with the kettlebell classes. Highly recommend for all skill levels. Really knowledgeable and patient instructors.

Paul J.

My injury restoration journey

If your goal is to change your mindset, your body, your lifestyle, your nutritional knowledge, your ability to overcome injuries or even just your views on any of these, this is the place for you. 56 years old and injured, I wasn’t sure what level of fitness I’d be able to reach again. Aaron and Melinda have taught me that self-defense has an entire meaning outside of martial arts and there are no limits. They are knowledgeable and experienced in all of the aforementioned areas. As a member of the ‘extreme shoulder impingement’ group I know of what I speak! My injury restoration journey thru kettlebells and specific movement has been astounding. Highly recommend.

Dee Dee C.


Don’t let the name fool you – this place has been a GAME CHANGER for me and my fitness goals. I was going to a gym I absolutely loved, but they didn’t have kettlebell training. I wanted to try them, but I knew I needed an expert to help me learn how to use kettlebells properly so that I didn’t hurt myself. When I found WHOLEistic Self Defense, I found new and exciting workouts and energy. I found trainers who understand how the body works and how to PREVENT injuries. I found that I’m building muscle and having FUN doing it. And I found a whole community who supports each other in powerful ways. At 57 years old, I’m stronger and more confident than I’ve ever been.

Carole T.

Supportive Coaching

A shout out and a plethora of kudos to Coach Aaron for his thorough and supportive coaching.  The cane system has been helpful for my balance, strength building and coordination.  I would recommend it to anyone, any age.  Even though I have sustained multiple self-inflicted bruises and bumps on my legs, knees, and forearms, the pain and agony (slight exaggeration) is just part of caning and life.  Coach Aaron is the best.

Gary W.

Your commitment to keep us safe

Those you love, seriously consider cane self defense training.  The anxiety one may feel about taking the course, pales in comparison to the pain and suffering when one is a victim of a crime.  On behalf of my village that includes my wife of forty years, my son, daughter and four grandkids, we thank you for your commitment to keep us safe.  Coach Aaron — you have my deepest respect.

Carlos A.

Truly Awesome Coach

I want to thank Coach Aaron for being a truly awesome coach.  Our group could not have completed the course without him.  He was skilled, competent, patient and encouraging and I always looked forward to seeing his dog, Bull, as our faithful mascot during the training.  I would sign up with him again and I am grateful for the opportunity to have been in his class.

Keep Swinging

The most enjoyable part of the 6 week challenge was learning new skills, to move the body in new ways.  It’s great to keep swinging.

And that is all doable.  Also, I really appreciate the kind way of coaching by Coach Aaron Baulch.  The very valuable focus on being patient with the whole process.

Philip B.

Huge Thank You

I can’t speak highly enough about Coach Aaron.  Your patience and support Sir were second to none.  Thank you.

Also, to everyone in my class, a HUGE THANK YOU to all of you.  Every single one of you is an inspiration and watching you all encouraged me to keep going and try to do a little bit better each time.

I know a lot of us want to move into the the advanced class next and I truly hope I get to see all of you there.

Richard A.

Very practical and important for life

A couple of months ago I was considering training Kali.  By chance, I saw the cane at home program ad.  I joined.

I am 75 years old.  Having practiced martial arts for more than 40 years (Kras Maga, Aikido, Tai Kuan Do, and Wing Chun), I had high expectations.  Much to my pleasure, the 6 week program exceeded all my expectations.  It is an amazing program.  The curriculum is fantastic.  It is professionally run by the great coach, Aaron.  It is fun and yes, very practical and important for life and self defence.

I very strongly recommend this program to all.

Though it is hard to attend at 1 – 2 am, I will and am definitely committed to apply for the Advanced Program.  Thank you Coach Aaron for being so methodical, professional and attentive to all our questions and needs and thank you ACSD.

Dr. Ilan K - Sydney, Australia

Fantastic Class

I just got off Zoom with my class.  Aaron was Fantastic.  Made me feel welcomed and part of the group.  He explained everything.  Session was FANTASTIC and recommend it highly.

Gordon P.

Huge debt of gratitude

Aaron – I owe you a huge debt of gratitude.  Today’s class may contribute more to my mobility than anything that has happened to me.  I never thought about spinning and stepping in place. I think it’s going to do wonders.  I also think picking up the cane exercises will be great for me.  I really appreciate you.  Just saying “Thank you” is inadequate.

Awesome Amazing People

Since I have noticed people sharing their experience with the Cane at Home 6 week challenge… I feel the need to also share how much fun I have had over these weeks learning these awesome movements with Coach Aaron!  With the most Awesome Amazing People I could ask for as teammates… all these things I have learned (slowing down, especially) also translate to other areas in my life and the “ripple effects” not just me.  It sends positive energy to my wife and my 5 kids.

This class is very important to me.  I appreciate everyone!

Nicholas D.